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Who We Are is India's leading jobsite and career platform for the Indian IT sector, which includes developers, testers, data base architects, programmers, data scientists, UI/UX designers, etc.

It is a product of Botmatrix Services Private Limited. At Botmatrix, we build jobsites that cater exclusively to specific professional sectors. Apart from jobs, each of our platforms also covers events, courses, exams, career advice, etc specific to the relevant sector.

Our solution aims at assisting recruiters connect with the most suitable candidates and advertisers with the right audience.

Our Other Products Include

  • 1 Career Platform for the Indian Medical and Healthcare sector, which includes doctors, surgeons, paramedics, dentists, pharmacists, veterinary doctors and surgeons, nurses, paramedics, etc.
  • 2 Career Platform for the Indian Legal sector, which includes lawyers, paraLegals, advocates, company secretaries, Legal academicians Legal executives, etc.
  • 3 Career Platform for the Indian business/ commercial sector, which includes functions such as finance, marketing, sales, operations, human resource, hospitality, business development, content development, etc.

For Recruiters/ Advertisers

  • A hassle-free job portal through which recruiters can find the right
  • Application Tracking System, with relevant filters and filter-questions to aid in easy-shortlisting of candidates
  • Recruiters can also inform Applicants regarding their status in the selection process
  • A platform from which events and courses can easily be advertised to an assured targeted audience
  • Digital outreach for Advertisements through our ads and social
    media channels

For Applicants

  • A listing of the latest law jobs/ legal jobs /law internship
    opportunities in India.
  • Easy job search with relevant filters
  • Career advice and career coaching
  • Information on relevant courses, events, exams, scholarship and fellowship opportunities
  • Discussion Forum - a platform where Applicants can actively participate in discussions

Why Us?

We understand the career related needs of people vary depending on the sector they work in. We also understand that career-search on generic websites can be time-consuming and exhausting.

Even from the perspective of recruiters and advertisers, such as course providers, what better way to reach the right audience than through a platform made exclusively for that audience alone?

Ours is a clean, strictly profession-oriented website, devoid of any social media noise, which means genuine jobs and other opportunities will not be lost in the endless 'feed'.

Simplicity and quality is at the heart of everything we do at Botmatrix. We take pride in the user-friendliness and effectiveness of our platforms. Registration, applying for jobs, posting of ads, filtering applications, etc can be done in a few simple steps within minutes. One doesn't need to be a math genius to understand our pricing. Whether it is jobs, career advice or blogs, we publish only high-quality, authentic content from credible sources.

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