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And More! offers a unique opportunity to hire the finest talent from the IT sector in India. Additionally, if your target audience is the Indian IT community, we provide an exceptional platform for effective promotions.

Our Products and Services offers a range of products that are all carefully crafted to ensure employers can attract the very best candidates for their jobs and advertisers can reach their exact target audience. They are also designed to be user-friendly and extremely cost-effective.

  • Easily post job openings and connect with potential candidates through our user-friendly and streamlined platform.
  • Make a strong impression with prominently displayed job postings featuring your company's logo and enhance your brand visibility.
  • Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) offers a range of powerful features. Request cover letters, view and download CVs, bulk download CVs in different formats, ask filter questions to identify suitable candidates, and efficiently manage your recruitment process.
  • Receive CVs directly via email, redirect candidates to an external website, or deliver CVs to your ATS in the Recruiter Dashboard. Enjoy flexibility in managing applications according to your preferred workflow.
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  • Effectively promote your tech events, such as seminars, workshops, conferences, to a relevant and interested audience. Benefit from our platform's ability to target the tech community in India and ensure a successful event promotion.
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  • Increase your visibility with strategically placed banner ads on various pages of our website. These visually appealing ads ensure maximum exposure to our targeted tech audience.

  • Maximise your reach and visibility through our digital outreach options for jobs, events, courses, book publishers, and other targeted advertisements.

  • Advertise your internships for free, attracting interns to alleviate your workload and enhance your brand visibility within the tech community.

  • We specialise in providing recruitment services exclusively for tech roles and vacancies. With our up-to-date and 100% organic database of tech professionals, we offer a distinct advantage in facilitating a fast and efficient recruitment process.
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  • Advertisers, including universities and course providers, can confidently reach their target audience within the tech community. Partner with us to access a focused and engaged audience of tech students, graduates, and professionals.

  • Partner with us to publish a sponsored article and unlock the potential of reaching the Indian tech community with your message. Whether you have educational content, news updates, startup launches, or any other valuable information to share, our platform offers the perfect avenue to connect, engage, and inform the tech professionals and job seekers who rely on our portal.
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  • No fake CVs
  • No spam accounts
  • High quality large candidate pool
  • Super-focused candidate database
  • Time, effort and cost saved
  • Feature-rich ATS
  • Clean Portal
  • Industry expertise in recruitment service


  • Hyper-targeted audience
  • No dependence on faulty algorithms
  • Ad appears in a relevant context and resonates better with the audience
  • Economical advertising and branding options
  • Benefit from positive brand association and enhance your credibility.

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At Botmatrix, we proudly operate India’s premier sector-specific job sites and career portals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Internship Ads are free.

Events organised by universities and NGOs are free provided there is no fee charged for participation.

Yes. Once the payments are done and you have sent us the detailed Ad description, we will endeavour to publish your Ad within 24 hours.

Write to us on and we'll help resolve this for you. Give us 12 hours to complete the request.

Absolutely. While we are primarily a job board, we have a range of solutions which could help. Simply let us know the challenges you’re facing and what your ideal candidate looks like, and we’ll provide some solutions to solve the problem.